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90050 heads south through Milton Keynes on a container train in April 2004 - not long afterwards this photo was taken, the loco was stored with fire damage

Where are we today?

Unfortunately very little progress has been made on the preservation front, but work is still being done in the background. This focuses on the development of a robust strategy and business case model and further updates with progress shall follow.

Investigations so far?

One line of inquiry in recent months has paid particular attention to 90050 and this loco remains at Crewe as a donor to other class 90s. Finally, a handful of people have shown an interest in the preservation movement and this remains working progress.

Latest News

Other Information

Setting up a Trust?

A key aspect to the preservation idea (if  it was to go ahead) would be to setup some kind of Trust and a committee group. In addition, the group would also have to register as a charity.

Future ideas & spot hire?

The UK electrified network is going to grow significantly over the next few years. This includes:

With more lines being electrified by 2020 and beyond, this could be the building blocks that CNELG uses to generate a business case for mainline certification of a class 90 in preservation. I feel that there will be a strong market place in the future for spot hiring electric loco’s.

Do you wish to get involved?

If you wish to make a contribution to the preservation movement; get involved or make suggestions or how best to take it the idea forward, then join the forums area or drop us an email today.

Firstly I like to take this opportunity by saying thank you for visiting this webpage, which focuses on that all in important subject and question of “Preservation”. The purpose of this page is to gauge interest, advice and guidance from a variety of sources including other preservation groups; Individuals and/or other interested parties and organisations. This could also be an excellent medium for setting up a project and running with it into the future.

Personal Statement

The class 90s entered their 27th year of passenger operations on the 12th July 2015 and so the clock is now ticking down on the future of these versatile electric locomotives. Therefore, is it time to give some thought to the idea of preservation? It was hoped that the creation of the website and CNELG would stimulate interest and maybe even action, but progress is slow at present. There are a host of reasons why preservation is NOT making much headway and this could be attributed to a number of possible reasons. These include:

Once a decision has been made to go ahead with preservation (some work has already been done), then idea could go in a variety of directions, but hopefully NOT defaulting at the first hurdle. In summary we should at least give it a go (assuming that is how matters progress) and see where it leads

90222 rushes past Watford Jcn station on the slow line heading towards Wembley with a Piggyback freight service in 2001 (this loco is stored at Crewe EMD) 90027 pauses at Stafford with a Virgin CrossCountry service to Manchester Piccadilly in 2005 (this loco is stored at Crewe EMD).

Aims and Objectives:

What is the Aim?

The overall arching aim of CNELG would be to secure at least one class 90 locomotive for preservation subject to a robust business case being developed and agreed.

Why Preserve?

Any class 90 loco has the potential of being a preservation candidate, but the purchase of 90050 from DBS to LNWR in August 2012 and then to Freightliner in 2015 is possible. Incidentally 90050 was the last mixed traffic electric loco to be built at Crewe Works and was also the last 90 to be released into traffic.

Moving forward?

If 90050 could be obtained from Freightliner once they have no further use for her, then one possible idea could be make her a static display loco in the short to medium term. The long-term view would be to getting her 90050 mainline certified, but this throws up a number of other issues and questions.Some initial investigations have been started to see how viable this option could be in reality and further work needs to be undertaken here including making a decision about generic preservation for the fleet.


The key questions that we need to ask ourselves seriously if the idea of preservation is to move forward in the future are as follows:

The main question and thought we need to give due consideration to with any preservation project is funding particularly when it comes to buying a loco and identifying how much this would cost..

At the time of writing I can report that some initial investigations has been carried out and there is a chance that Lottery funding could be considered but a robust business case and associated reasons would to be drawn up to make it a reality.

The key selling point that could go in out favour with securing funding from the Lottery option is the historical association that class 90s have with Crewe Works.

What about purchasing 90050?

This thought that has been considered elsewhere on this webpage and there is now a chance that this loco could be purchased at some point in the future.

At present 90050 can be found at Crewe where she is donating parts to other engines, so a lot of work would be involved if this 90 was the chosen one (which is not set in stone).

What else needs to be considered?

if the preservation idea moves in a positive direction, then a Trust would be setup and a link placed on this website enabling people to make donations at some point in the future, so check back for any updates.


What are the key questions?

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