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CLASS 90 ELECTRIC LOCO GROUP British Rail Class 90 Silver Anniversary: 1987-2012

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Rolling Stock Diagrams

Monday to Friday (Updated)

The latest weekday rolling stock diagrams (updated 25/2/17) are available to download below - the timetable requires 11 sets of stock for each weekday which means a minimum of 11 class 90s need to be available in traffic to cover all the hauled diagrams.

Latest Engineering Work October 2017

The latest engineering work alterations for October 2017 are available to download. There are several periods of disruption in this period notably at weekends. Also, Network Rail continues to do overnight work at locations during the week.

Sunday (Updated)

The latest Sunday diagrams commencing Sunday 19th February 2017 are available to download below at your leisure. AGA has a requirement for 6 loco-hauled sets on Sunday’s, but there is an extra turn which runs on selected dates during busy periods.

Saturday (Updated)

The latest Saturday diagrams commenced on the 25th February 2017 and are applicable until further notice You can download the diagrams in PDF format below at your leisure. If you have spotted any issues with them, please do get in touch via email.

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