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CLASS 90 ELECTRIC LOCO GROUP British Rail Class 90 Silver Anniversary: 1987-2012

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Latest Publication - Naming Fact Sheet and Nameplates

What is the latest publication?

Owing to new information coming to light, the naming fact sheet and nameplate PDF files have been  updated. The documents can be found here and here

In addition, the stored and serviceable fact sheet has also been updated (see links below).

Do you wish to be a contributor?

If you like to see an article published on this website, then we would like to hear from you so get in touch by email today with your ideas and article.

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Technical Documents Status

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A selection of technical reports and articles can be viewed below. These provide an insight to many aspects of electric traction and the technical capabilities of a class 90. If you like to be a contributor of this site, then please do email us.

Railtours & Charters Status

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During the 35 year history, class 90s have worked several charters, footex’s and railtours. You will find below articles and reports detailing some of their key workings - this includes photo’s, movie links and yearly summaries.  

Scotrail Sleepers Status

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The West Coast sleepers have been diverted via the East Coast over the years due to engineering. This includes Gospel Oak and the Hertford North Loop. Records from the recorded periods can be downloaded below.

Stored & Serviceable Status

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Over the years several class 90s have been in and out of store at Crewe and this theme continues in 2023.  Also there are several loco’s in long-term store at Crewe. For the latest list of loco’s in store see links below.

Anniversary Reports Status

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On the 12th July of each year the 90s enter their next anniversary. Reports detailing the key workings and highlights of these special days since records began have been compiled into reports and these can be downloaded below.

Special Events Status

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The class 90s have featured in a number of special events and workings during their 35 year history. This includes the Virgin MK3 set entering traffic after an overhaul programme in addition to pairs of 90s performing rare workings.  

Nameplate Fact Sheets Status

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A number of class 90s have been named over the years and this has occurred across the fleet. You will find a series of articles below which contains details of the naming ceremony and photo’s as well as other information.  

Miscellaneous Status

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You will find below a mix bag of reports, articles and documents which have no specific theme and are generic in nature. If you would like to write an article or having an issue with a publication on this page, then get in touch by email.